Queen's University Belfast

The Third Summer School in

Computational Biology 2014


The third Summer School in Computational Biology 2014, September 08-10.

The data revolution in biology and medicine provides not only opportunities in enhancing our fundamental understanding of biological processes, tumorigenesis and epidemiology but constitutes also a considerable challenge toward their analysis. For this reason, novel statistical and computational approaches are required to unravel the mass data provided by contemporary sequencing, imaging and array technologies and to gain a functional understanding of the underlying biological processes.

The purpose of the Summer School in Computational Biology is to provide a systematic introduction to quantitative analysis methods for high-throughput data needed to analyze genomics data from biology and biomedicine. Due to the fast paced progress in these fields, a firm understanding of basic analysis principles and method is required to cope with such data and to equip a new generation of scientists with the necessary skill set.

The Summer School in Computational Biology will provide lectures and computer tutorials to get hands-on experience in the learned methods. In order to enhance the practical outcome and the transferability of the lectured methods, we are making use of the freely available statistical programming language R and Bioconductor.

In addition to the scholar program, there will be social events exploring the beautiful countryside in Northern Ireland.


The Summer School in Computational Biology will take place in the Health Science Building (HSB) at the Queen's University Belfast. The HSB is a newly established institute which has convenient facilities to host the summer school and is also close to the city center.


The summer school in Computational Biology 2014 is already the third summer school we are organizing. Information about the previous years can be found here and here.



Summer School Registration:

  • February 20, 2014: Registration opens
  • August 30, 2014: Registration ends
  • September 08-10, 2014: Summer School in Computational Biology


We have a couple of fellowships available to support the participation of national and international students.

In order to apply for a fellowship to cover the registration fee, please send:

  1. A cover letter outlining your interest in computational biology.
  2. Your CV including the names of two references.